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LTI Access Without A Role for IDs for Course Support (Cross-posted in Canvas-Admin)

How do your instructional designers set up LTI links in Canvas without having enrolling in the course or use ActAs as the actual teacher in cases of testing tools in prepping or supporting courses? 

For Blackboard, for example for Original Courses, there used to be the Quick Enroll function but there is a similar problem for Ultra courses where they have to manually enroll now.

For example, an instructional designer tried setting up VoiceThread using the LTI in a course; however, it wasn't giving them the four options for a new LTI link (course view, assignment, etc.) because they weren't enrolled in the course.  Do folks have best practices in working with this limitation?


Ms. Toni P.

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Hello @tpennac1 ! For clarification, if your Instructional Designers are not enrolled in the course, how are they able to add links/set up LTI links within the course? Are they actually in the course, but under a role that does not allow them to do want they are wanting to do?

@ryan_corris Thanks for asking about this. You can for some LTIs or enable it within the course as Sub Account Admin who is prepping but not teaching the course.  The designer or technologist may not have a course role and some integrations only map to the Teacher or TA role.  Also, some integrations if trying to use Act As to masquerade an instructor have that option turned off.  That makes it trickier to test and then may require a course role as a workaround.

Got it @tpennac1 .  I agree, LTIs can be tricky depending on which ones you are using.  Wish I had a great answer for you, but if they cannot access it any other way, a teacher role may be the only option.  Hopefully someone else will have a better option that I am not aware of.  Good luck!!!