Language Translation of Course Content and Student Submissions

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Hello Canvas Community,
I am one of the primary Canvas Admins at my school.
Our post-graduate school is looking at expanding our academic offerings to students who do not speak English as a first language, and who speak a language that our instructors do not speak. This poses a number of challenges for us:
  • How do we translate the English course content that the instructor develops into the student language?
  • How do we translate any student submissions into English for the instructor to assess?
  • How do we then translate any instructor feedback on those submissions into the student language?
I am sure that there are a number of other challenges that we have not even yet identified, but this is at least a start.
I would love to hear from anyone working at a school that currently has a workflow like this. What tools or services do you use to accomplish this, and what challenges you have experienced along the way?
I have had Google Translate recommended to me to handle part of this process, but I am nervous about relying too heavily on an automated and unsupported tool to handle such a complex process.
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