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Good afternoon everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone out there knows of an alternative to Learning Catalytics. A faculty member here at Stevens uses it primarily for live feedback from students for his classroom lectures. He uses the system to have students anonymously rate how well they understand a concept. If students do not understand, he will use that feedback to change the lecture material.

There is also the ability to input a variety of different response/question types such as graphical, visual, and so forth... It seems that the system can be accessed from most devices as well. He can also assign students into groups through LC, which is beneficial as it's a very large class.

Learning Catalytics was a great tool for this. Unfortunately, they have been acquired by Pearson and now there is a charge for each student to access the system. I don't care for this business model and neither do most of our faculty and students. If any of you know of an alternative out there, I would greatly appreciate the insight!

FYI: We have looked at PINGO, Socrative, and DropThought and are currently most interested in what DropThought has to offer...

Thanks in advance for your time...

All the best,


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