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Hello Canvas peeps,

Question. As part of our online program, we require two proctored exams in our online courses. Currently, the community college system in our state uses live proctoring, where students can schedule a proctored exam, come in to an on-ground location, and take the test. We also provide an option for virtual proctoring, but it's not something we push as we want our students to come to us. However, we are looking for some alternates to our current system. Without going into details on who we are currently using, I wanted to see what other options Canvas users are using elsewhere. Specifically, we are looking for a proctor management/scheduling software for live proctoring in our on ground institutions. If the virtual proctoring could be worked in as well, that would be awesome.

Any thoughts?

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I have used a service like ProctorU or Examsoft for live proctoring. You may wish to check them out:

ProctorU: Home | ProctorU 

Examsoft: Exam Creation, Administration & Assessment Software - ExamSoft 

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We've been using Appointment Plus for our on-site proctoring for years, but have recently been looking into GoSignMeUp as that's what the university uses for scheduling workshops for faculty. Appointment Plus doesn't work directly with Canvas, but we provide links for students to make and manage their own appointments. It's worked out fairly well (minus a few glitches here and there) over the years. It looks like GoSignMeUp does have LMS integration, though I'm unfamiliar with it.

For our off-site proctoring, we first used ProctorU and now use Examity. With Examity, we've been able to give only approved students access to test remotely and that's been working well, too.

Hope that helps!