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Look What I Found in Beta!

When I found this I jumped for joy! Can't wait for the release notes today! It only works for assignments and pages but I assume we will get it for other content items as well. 



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 Actually, the best place is probably a new feature idea.  

Per the‌ - there isn't much we could do with the comment in the release note thread.

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wow, its about time they implemented this. Way back 4-5 years ago it was requested and talked about. Hopefully they will eventually get to implementing this into the quizzes. Seems that is the 2nd most requested items that require copying Smiley Happy

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OMG!!! Beginnings of my Dreams Coming True....copy module! Yippee!

New Member

I saw this as well, but I don't see the 'turn on' button in settings/applications. And it has not magically appeared. What is the procedure for making it available?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Are you in Beta? If so, then you should be able to go to the Pages Index page and try it out or the Assignment Index page (just make sure you're testing on an assignment, not a discussion or quiz). 

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Finally!!! This is very exciting. It will make building courses so much easier. Can't wait for full integration.

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hurrah hurrah!