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Mastery Path Visual Roadmap

Personalized learning is something our university is so eager to master in Canvas. In fact, we have already started integrating mastery path in our canvas classrooms. As our college's representative, it is my duty to present and train teachers on how to maximize mastery path as a beneficial tool for all the parties involved. One difficulty I always face when conducting a training is making professors visualize the content flow within canvas using mastery path. 

A visual roadmap (maybe one that can be compared to a database schema in terms of its look, or maybe much better), showing the flow of module and its content from one to another, is certainly going to be helpful for teachers. Not only the teacher can easily design the learning path as he visualizes it, he can easily monitor which path a student is currently taking. With that in mind, I would like to ask if there's a built-in feature being developed, or a 3rd party app that we can use. Thank you so much!

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YES! In fact, this feature is needed not only for Mastery Paths, but also for the ordinary use of module prerequisites. I spent hours figuring out the visual roadmap of the modules, and even created a diagram to put in the syllabus, only to have students meet with me who were still trying to hack their way through the modules in the single linear order in which they were presented on the modules page. I've asked someone here at Ohio State if they could make a clickable version of this map so that I could use that instead of the list of modules, but it would so much better if this were already built in.visual roadmap showing which modules are prerequisites to others

I've seen some people to do something like this with H5P's Course Presentation . It is still very linear, but it is free!

If you are looking for a more polished, but paid solution, Smart Sparrow created an adaptive learning platform that could probably replicate what you are hoping to do:

Smart Sparrow — Teach Smarter with Active and Adaptive Courseware - YouTube 

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As  @caroline1 ‌ mentions H5P, you might want to look at their Branching Scenarios tool - with a great example here -

As with any H5P product, it can be embedded on a page. If you purchase the integration then you can track students and even have them make their own interactives.

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