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Mastery Paths Mashup with Conventional Path?

In working on a self-paced Faculty course, I'd like to use Mastery Paths (and maybe eventually badges).  It's quite a learning curve for me and I've found some good information in the Canvas Guides and in the Community.  But I've not found how to best mix a mastery path along with a conventional path through the modules.  For example: a new Faculty member may choose to just work through the modules as they are sequentially arranged to build on knowledge.  With Mastery Levels another faculty may take a module assessment and then depending on their grade, be routed to materials.  How would I best combine the two into one course?  I've not found a way yet, to direct someone to a module vs a content page, assignment, etc.


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 @judy_harmon  , welcome!  If all of your pages are in the Module, then set your Mastery Path score high -- like 90%- 100%.  This way, only those who want to take the quiz and move on can.  I'd make each module a new idea -- assessments, discussions, pages, etc.  (Of course, you have to have an assessment as the first thing in each module, and set up the Mastery Path with the assessment.)

Best of luck!

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 @judy_harmon ‌ I am also looking at Mastery Paths as a potential tool for faculty training. Do you have any updates you can share on your progress or your experience using Mastery Paths in self-paced faculty training? 


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Unfortunately, I set the project aside for now.  I still think it's an ideal course to use Mastery Paths with, but I've not made any progress.  Sorry I can't be more helpful!