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Mastery Paths feeding into Module Requirements>Prereq for following module

Hi All, usual Xmas fun here.


I've got a module (A) with a mastery path in it. I have a following module (B) which has a Badgr digital badge gift. I have set A to have a Requirement of students having completed or viewed any of the outputs of mastery path. I have set B to have a prerequisite that the student must have completed A. I am finding the the student is always able to access B. If however I put some other non-MP item in A and set this as another optional requirement, then things work properly. So it seems from what I can see that Prerequisites/Requirements don't really work on the outputs of a mastery path, I'm guessing this is because the system wants students to have a fair whack at completing something, and if it's not even an option for them to complete then it won't set out the rule. Anyone come across this and can offer any pointers? Thanks, Will

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