Mastery paths resolving too slowly, breaking Next button

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I've noticed that, with mastery paths based on MC pretests, oftentimes the resolution of which mastery path to follow and the unlocking of the requisite items appears to take just a bit longer than loading the page with the pretest score on it. This results in the Next button kicking the student back to course home, even though the location the button was pointing to should have been available to the student. When they go to modules and navigate to the item from there, it works, or also if they navigate back to the quiz and click the Next button again.

I've been able to get around this by putting an extra landing page that is the first item in all three paths, which seems to give just enough time for things to resolve, but this is inelegant because I don't really have anything useful to say on this page. It just serves to slow the student down enough for Canvas to resolve where the buttons should go. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a better way?

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This is what I just heard back from Support: 

Hello Kona,

I went through this issue a bit further and did some testing as well after seeing the mentioned work around on our tracker. I then found that if the path for the student is different than the default option in the module. The next button is not updated. This does look to not be fixed using the "Filler Page" in the modules as mentioned. I spoke with the agent that found this work around and we discovered that there was an error in testing. I have added this to the notes on the tracker so they are aware of the issue. I have also attached this ticket to our tracker so you are made aware of any updates to the feature regarding this.

I did more research in the community and found that some teachers have included additional instructions for students when completing these items that advise them to check the module page after completing their assignments to access what is required next in the Mastery Paths sequence. I hope that this helps and also that the mapping of the, "Next" buttons is updated soon.

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