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Microsoft Teams

Does this UX/UI look familiar? Canvas? Nope. It's Microsoft Teams which launches today. (A #slack competitor)


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rgibson1. is it possible to integrate Microsoft Teams into Canvas? I saw an article (Your Canvas Experience, Now Available in Microsoft Teams | ) but not sure of the current status. I would like to have the Teams integrated into my Canvas course so students could click and chat with me in Teams.

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Are there any updates on when the Microsoft Teams integration in Canvas would be ready to use?

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Hello! Is there any update to Microsoft Teams in Canvas?

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Agreed, love  to see teams in action within Canvas.


Hi everyone! Instructure isn’t currently working on an integration, however we are in regular conversations with Microsoft about a potential future integration with Teams. Please continue to share your interest with your institution's Canvas Administration team. The more specific you can be about what you would like to see with an integration, the better! We will keep you posted as things progress on our side as well.

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Thanks for the update Melissa!  I appreciate it. 

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One of the things I'd particularly like about a Teams integration is that we find our students (and many of our instructors) actively dislike discussion forums (for all kinds of reasons). Many of them are using alternate discussion platforms like Slack and Ryver. Since Teams is basically a Slack clone, this would provide a more secure avenue for these instructors to have (largely) the same functionality.

We're only just getting started with our Office 365 rollout, but this would be a really nice carrot for our early adopters.

I do think an LTI integration would be beneficial for all schools using O365 products. Teams isn't just a slack competitor, but is also quickly becoming a chat client, teleconference tool, collaboration space, communication space, ... The product has potential. An integration similar to how OneDrive is now integrated into Canvas thanks to LTI (as a colloboration option) would be my  - personal - first choice.

Please check out the O365 Microsoft Teams uservoice channel. There's a post about LTI integration. It can use some upvotes. LTI integration Teams - Uservoice

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We have been using Teams internally for a while now. It seems to be working. Just need to remember to post and check for a post.