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Migration/Staging of uploaded resources

Hello Friends,

I've got a weird problem that I can't seem to get any straight answers about. 

I am creating content in Articulate Rise and then exporting that content as a SCORM 1.2 package - which is still just essentially HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have been able to successfully view that content in one instance of Canvas whereas it just shows a blank page in the other instance of Canvas. 

So, I export the zip package from Rise, and then upload that zip file into Canvas and accept when it asks if I want to expand. I then right-click on the index.html file inside the expanded folder I just uploaded and use that link on a page to open that content in a new browser tab (target="_blank").

In one instance of Canvas, the link redirects to " of stuff" and the content is visible without issue. In the other, the link redirects to " of stuff" and I see only a blank page. 

I contacted Instructure support about this problem previously and they were able to fix it in the instance where it does work but I'm not sure what the fix was or if it was just a staging issue where the files have to be moved by some process to a server that can serve them up. 



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