Module with Prerequisites and a MasteryPath Choice Assignment

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I'm gaining some new skills thanks to covid-19‌. I just saw the moniker tragi-tunity, which is not meant to minimize the gravity of this event, but rather move towards "making lemonade out of lemons." Here's mine.

I teach Ecology at the high school level. We were about to begin a new unit on GIS and so I turned the entire unit into a Module with prerequisites‌ and masterypaths‌ for a choice assignment. I want students to move through the module sequentially, so I chose that option. Additionally, I wanted them to be able to choose an assignment for lesson 4. 

Module View with MasteryPath

343380_Screenshot 2020-03-27 11.52.28.png

Module Settings (prerequisites)

343379_Screenshot 2020-03-27 11.51.45.png

Sample Student View

343381_Screenshot 2020-03-26 12.36.56.png

Thanks to  @kona  for her work on the Hacking Mastery Paths and Taking the Mystery out of Mastery Paths posts!

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