Moving the teaching of musical instruments and music production online using Canvas

Community Participant

Hello everyone,

I work for an institution that is geared towards the teaching of musical instruments (Bass, Guitar, Drums, and Keyboards) and also vocal techniques in a face to face environment.

As you can imagine this has been a trying time to try and find effective and engaging methods to use.

We have had some success but what I would love to know is if there are any other music institutions out there that have found a way to use Canvas and any other tool to engage with their students.

We use Microsoft Teams for our online classrooms and lesson but are now considering using Canvas Studio to create a library of asynchronous material that can be shared amongst tutors and subjects.

Also if there is anyone else out there (doesn't matter where you are located as long are you are on this planet!) and wants to swap success stories or just to gloat about how brilliant they are then please get in touch.

I know we are out there and I think working together to share online teaching and learning practice using Canvas then we can become stronger together.


Dave Bull