Navigation and gradebook issues with mastery paths

Community Contributor

I have a module in which there are several item that will be hidden depending on the students answer to a pretest. We'll call these items:

  • Pretest (A passing score on this hides the three fruit pages below, showing only the following "quiz" and the writing assignment)
  • Undo Skip Quiz (hidden unless the three pages below are hidden; this "quiz" contains a single yes-no question, answering yes to which will show the three pages, so that if a student gets uncomfortable with the writing assignment and wants to review these despite our original judgment, they have a way to do so)
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Cranberry
  • Fruit Writing Assignment

If a student passes the quiz and is currently on the Undo Skip Quiz item (but elects not to use it) and tries to use the Next button to go to the writing assignment, it does not take the student to this assignment. Instead, it tried to go to Apple and then throws an error message because the student is locked out of this page. I would expect it to go to the next item available to the student, but it is apparently just trying to go to the next item in the list without regard for the mastery path. Has anyone else run into this? Is there something I am missing that would make this behave as I intend?

Secondly, both the Pretest and the Undo Skip Quiz must be graded assignments, even though I expect most student to do poorly on the former and the latter is just a jury-rig to allow students to opt into the skipped content. I realize I can put these into a category that has a 0% weight to keep them from actually affecting grades, but they will still show up in the gradebook -- less than ideal for students. Is there any way I can do this so that these do not appear in the gradebook?