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Need HTML for dropdown menu/ options inside a table

I have a teacher creating a homepage with a table. On the left hand column of the table is a list of links. She would like to be able to hover over the links and get a drop down menu of choices to click OR be able to click on the choices and get a drop down list to choose from without switching pages.

Could anyone provide some HTML for this or share some homepages with may have some features like this?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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I was very excited to find this post and then less so to hear it does not work in the app. We have a template that we are using that is super user friendly but the Mobile version is less so - a dropdown menu would totally fix that. If I work anything out I will let you know.

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Hi James and Lawrence,

I know this reply is a little late in coming, but here's someone who puts a copy of the same information for mobile users since the regular reveal information does not display in mobile.

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Cheers - Shar

This is awesome Jen!