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New Content Selector Slow To Load?

Hi Guys,


Ever since the new Content Selector was introduced we are having very slow loading times when editing pages, quizzes, assignments etc.


Is anyone else finding this issue? I've contacted support but have been told that they can't replicate the issue and that I should just clear my cache regularly (not super helpful).


Here is an video showing the issue at hand: Canvas SideBar Slow Load - ClickView 


Any thoughts or suggestions/solutions?

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Community Participant

So after much hunting and testing I finally found that it was our onsite filtering software that was taking ages for certain requests to get through. Once we added a WhiteList of URLs to our filtering software as well as which is the URL used by the new Content Selector everything on our site seemed to run a lot faster.

If you are having any slow response issues I would make this a first check!