New Quizzes as a Self Reflection tool, Mastery Grading Schemes and some frustrations with the Gradebook!

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We have set up a custom grading scheme linking Mastery style statements to points score in a Student Self Review form (disguised as a New Quizzes quiz) in Food Technology lessons.

There are 15 questions that the students answer with statements that reflect levels of mastery of the task, for example:


Using the Partial Credit feature of New Quizzes we then assign different marks to each statement eg:


We make the Review Quiz out of 5 in total which hopefully reduces the risk of big errors if a student gives themselves an answer worth 5pts (Excelling) instead of 3pts (Secure). Having 75 possible maximum marks squeezed into 5 means 15pts per boundary (I think)

We then constructed the Custom Grading Scheme with Percentage scores that reflect a level of Mastery:


When students complete their self assessment they can see how well they think have mastered the task:


Teachers can also compare their 'level' with the answer students gave in one of the (0pt questions) at the end of the quiz:



The teacher in their gradebook sees just the statement so they can very quickly reflect on the student outcomes


According to the teacher it works really well and has made huge improvements both to work flow, impact of the task and also teacher time.

But like the banner heading, it is almost perfect as there are two ANNOYING STICKING POINTS!

1. The grade in the Teacher Gradebook is from the Custom Grading Scheme. Is it not possible to remove the Out of 5 part as it is meaningless!

2. Why does the student needs to see their score of 4.2 out of 5 when all they/we are interested is the Mastery term?

Having numbers and scores does not help with Mastery in this regard. We have a grading scheme with statements for bands - why do we also need to know the raw score/percentage?

Is there anyway we can remove it?

I know that a number of UK (and beyond) colleagues have mentioned something similar in the past about not having a score/percentage in the gradebook when dealing with qualifications that work differently from GPA. (380 votes and 31/2 yrs old)

Any suggestions always welcome...