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New Quizzes with no timer show students' attempt durations as '00:00'

Instructional designer here. A lecturer came to me recently saying that on the Moderate page for a recent quiz they ran, which was made in New Quizzes and did not have a timer, all the students' attempt durations are coming up as '00:00'. They say that quizzes with this set up used to show an actual attempt duration. 

I've tested this a few different times since and have gotten different results on different days, usually it shows attempts as '00:00' but occasionally they have shown an actual duration. As of today, I'm seeing attempt durations as '00:00'.

I have been onto Canvas Support twice regarding this, the first time they said it was an issue with New Quizzes that had since been resolved, and the second time, when I saw the issue was still occurring, they said they would need to submit it internally for further review, so I am now waiting on an update from them in that regard.

I am making this post just to check if anyone else in the community has experienced this particular issue with New Quizzes recently?

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Yes, I've been having the same problem and just submitted a ticket about it. And yes - untimed New Quizzes DID used to show a duration. We'll see what they say!

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