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Offline Material

Students who need to work offline can export course content. How do they upload the content back when they have finished working on it? Individually for each assignment? 

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Wouldn't the student just be submitting their work as usual when they had internet again?

The export course content is meant to be one-way so they can consume the information without needing to be connected online. Anything that they would alter would be an assignment, right?

Or did you mean for a quiz or discussion too? I recall there being a notice that they are offline and that content is unavailable.

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Anything out teachers do that is Google related does upload when students are back online, they just have to submit the work. Several of our teachers do discussion boards daily or have textbox types of assignments that don't translate over. And yes, tests and quizzes are still a mystery when offline. So, just wondering what other schools are doing to address that.