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OneNote LTI and Grading in OneNote

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I am currently trying to setup grading from the OneNote LTI to my Canvas courses so that I can grade from within the OneNote. I have created the notebook and the students are added and linked the notebooks following the direction given. The assignment is created in Canvas by OneNote but when I try to use OneNote to grade the names of students show up but there is no place to put a score in, as shown in the demos online... Thoughts?

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Jennifer, thank you!  I've found the "Review Work", but I can't select a Section or Page. 

Can you only grade something that you distributed?  I had the students write up one of their labs (microbiology) from this semester as extra credit... they're my guinea pigs for doing this "for real" next semester.  So, I didn't send anything to them.

How do I select what to grade?

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Unfortunately, I believe the only way you can grade something is if you have previously created the page and distributed it as an "Assignment". So, it makes you plan ahead for the pages you want to distribute vs the pages you want to grade in the future.

Here is the LTI details of setup for the OneNote Classroom Notebook that is specific to Canvas: OfficeMix : OneNote and Canvas: Setting up Class Notebook with your LMS

There are many other instructional videos located at the Educational Portal for Microsoft on the OneNote Integration and how to use it. Hope this helps.

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Hello Everyone,

Here is the Mix link to the OneNote Integration video: OfficeMix : OneNote and Canvas: Setting up Class Notebook with your LMS

More information about how to use OneNote and grade is located on the Microsoft Educator Portal.

You are correct.

Hi Kurt,

Here is a site to help with understanding how to use the OneNote Classroom:

It is a long video but it has all of the details that you might need.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

OneNote submission to Speed Grader is up for a vote (AGAIN!)  Lets get it to 100 votes this time.  Once folks see what they can do with OneNote they're going to want to use it!



Here is the link!