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Online Engagement Strategies

Communicating with students, humanizing courses, and keeping students engaged and focused are common themes in online education today.  Please share a common strategy or lesson plan that you use at your campus or in your courses to keep students engaged with the materials and interacting with each other while maintaining your course learning objectives.  #humanizing#teaching strategies#lesson plans

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Hi  @mmoore1 

I have a present for you, an entire Canvas Community Group dedicated to user engagement. Check it out at Canvas User Engagement

I hope this helps,


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While this is helpful,  I am looking for teaching ideas.

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For me, it's about student-created content being at the heart of the class! I use a blog network to do that, and I've blogged a lot about that here at the Community (and, like Kelley said, yay for sharing here at the Community). Here are posts that describe my way of using a blog network in conjunction with Canvas: 

You can see the blog stream for my classes embedded in Canvas:

And shameless pitch: I'm giving a talk as part of Can*Innovate in October which will feature all kinds of humanizing strategies. 🙂

Full schedule: 

I'll be talking about creativity and student content creation: whoo-hoo!

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Thank You!  I am trying to gather research.  Great Ideas.