Online Infographic Makers

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This started when I was looking at some of the "Best College websites" and making notes of what were the trending elements.  I looked at these sites: Welcome to Bucknell University || Bucknell University​  and University of Michigan​ and told someone the trend appeared to be "big pictures" and "infographics."

So, this morning I revisited an online "infographics maker" and used one of their templates to make a simple infographic with my content.   web development @ fsu | Venngage - Free Infographic Maker   When I went to publish, I noted that there was both a link and an embed code.  The code easily embedded in WordPress.  Looks good, and the links within the infographic work.  Ingeniux is our CMS and the embed worked there.  LookingGlass is our portal and the embed worked there.  *The embed didn't work in a page in Canvas, but... I added the embed code to a bare bones HTML document and then Uploaded that file into my Canvas course.  I then used an iframe to embed the HTML file in a Canvas page.  The infographic then loaded in my Canvas page.

I used Venngage to create my free infographic.  What other online sites have you used to create infographics.  Other ideas for incorporating them into your Canvas courses?