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Hi all, new to the group. We are slowly moving from Moodle to Canvas and I have a question about formal online exams.

In Moodle, I often found myself overiding the exam start time for students located in other countries which was fairly simple and I was wondering if there was a way of doing this in Canvas…

On a similar line, some students were entitled to more time to take the exam and I was wondering if there was a way of doing this too… Any help appreciated



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Are you using New Quizzes? (Since the end of life for Classic Quizzes is coming up in the next year, I'd recommend starting with new Quizzes.) In either case, you will need to edit the quiz and select "Add" in the due dates box to provide different due dates/times and availability dates/times (see To get back to these initial assignment settings in New Quizzes, you need to edit the quiz from the options icon to the right of the assignment title (see

You can also moderate the quiz for specific accommodation. The following guide provides a good explanation of what moderation options are available: 

Hope this helps! I have found the guides to be pretty handy and accurate.



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