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Page layout ideas

Our courses utilized Tabs and Accordions to organize our modules onto one page. We did this because it is easier for the user to track the timeline and materials when everything is on one page. Going from page to page using the next and and back buttons doesn't allow for skipping around in the content, unless the user returns to the course navigation panel and that take the user out of learning mode and into navigation.

My question: Since Canvas stopped supporting the code for accordions, has anyone come up with other layouts that might achieve some of the same user experience goals -- keeping materials on one page without scrolling forever, or another way of chunking material? Our accordions have been working for the last two years, but ever since the summer release notes, they have not been opening all the time (which is a bad user experience).

Thank you.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @kathleencunning  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Have you considered using a content authoring tool like SoftChalk?  Easy to use tool, cloud-based, easy Canvas integration (even to gradebook) and lots of great features.


Hi Kelley,

I hadn't heard of SoftChalk. It looks promising. Thanks for the suggestion!

Have a good rest of your year.


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Hi Kathleen! We use Cidi Labs ( and the accordion tool is still supported on Canvas pages. 

Thanks Tracy. I haven't heard of that either but it's just the type of idea I've been looking for.

I'll let you know how it goes.


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I've also used the toggles in Canvas sometimes. work to save space, but aren't very pretty.  We recently purchased CIDI Labs Design Plus and are extremely happy with it. Recommend it to everyone I know!