Paper Pumpkin - Canvas for Just-in-Time Teaching

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I'm always looking for innovative yet elegantly simple and straightforward strategies for teaching and learning with technology. A decade ago I used to hand out in-class pop quizzes to make sure students read and understand course content. In theory, this approach ensures that we can delve deeply into course concepts during class discussion. Following the just-in-time (JiTT) strategy, I can move the paper-based quizzes online. Not only does this cut down on my paper usage, this also give me valuable insight into students grasp of course concepts before they come to class. I can also focus our classroom discussion on particular concepts that students are struggling with, and praise students for especially insightful answers on their Canvas quiz.

This approach feels so 1990's -- we're not necessarily talking about building wiz-bang media-rich interactive content, synchronous video conferencing or leveraging mobile devices. Though, innovative approaches that stand the test of time often find that sweet spot where a low-ish technology learning curve is matched with insight into student learning that only a technology like Canvas can provide. So long paper quizzes!

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