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Pasting Code Into A Page

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Several of our teachers teach coding classes and would love to be able to paste example code into a page and have it look formatted, indented, and color coded. Essentially they want to be able to do what we can do on this Canvas forum like this:



<TITLE> Hello World in Javascript </TITLE>



<h2>Example 1</h2>

<script language="Javascript">

// Hello in Javascript

// display prompt box that ask for name and

// store result in a variable called who

var who = window.prompt("What is your name");

// display prompt box that ask for favorite color and

// store result in a variable called favcolor

var favcolor = window.prompt("What is your favorite color");

// write "Hello" followed by person' name to browser window

document.write("Hello " + who);

// Change background color to their favorite color

document.bgColor = favcolor;




Does anyone know of a way to do this in the RCE or maybe a place they can type code that will generate an embed that they can use on the page?

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Another vote up!


There are two free LTIs you can add to your course (or an admin could add globally, if appropriate) that allow easy embedding/creating of code snippets in the Canvas RCE:

Here is a screenshot of how your code example might look using the Code Embed LTI (which includes customizable colors, language selector, etc.)

Screenshot 2015-09-11 09.09.20.png

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This is a great solution! Thanks for posting about these  @dlyons ​.

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Yes! Thank you!

 @dlyons ​

thank you David. I sent this nice tip to our own coding instructors who use Canvas and may not know these two apps are available (I didn't). I can see either of these being great practice tools for students.

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You might be interested in using GitHub gists to achieve this - a great way to bring authentic, industry standard tools into your teaching. I've just blogged about it here: Embedding a GitHub gist in Instructure Canvas – MSDLT Blog 

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I find this comment confusing -- Chris Hofer's suggestion is to format the HTML source of a page, while the  original poster (OP) Matt Hane was asking for a way to insert code into a page. Aren't those two distinct questions?

While I like Chris Hofer's suggestion, Matt Hane's request is even more important to me, because I teach software classes and having simple ways to format code is very helpful. (For example, Markdown and Microsoft Teams automatically convert `text surrounded by backticks` into code.) 

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I find this comment confusing, too for the same reasons stated above.  Chris Hofer's idea seems to be quite different to me than what you are suggesting here.

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Editing the raw HTML, although inconvenient, works for simple markup.  For example, putting the <code>my_variable</code> tag around a variable name renders nicely.

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I've used this website before: Source code beautifier / syntax highlighter – convert code snippets to HTML « 

In addition to creating embeddable HTML code that highlights a variety of languages with options for showing line numbers, I wish it would also auto-format it so the indents were already present. You would have to go to a code beautifier program first if it already weren't properly indented. 

If there were an LTI that would bring this into the RCE and auto-format that would be a win-win. 

I would also love it if the DocViewer/inline previewer would render entire code files this way. I had an idea for this posted quite a while back but never got enough votes.