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Several of our teachers teach coding classes and would love to be able to paste example code into a page and have it look formatted, indented, and color coded. Essentially they want to be able to do what we can do on this Canvas forum like this:



<TITLE> Hello World in Javascript </TITLE>



<h2>Example 1</h2>

<script language="Javascript">

// Hello in Javascript

// display prompt box that ask for name and

// store result in a variable called who

var who = window.prompt("What is your name");

// display prompt box that ask for favorite color and

// store result in a variable called favcolor

var favcolor = window.prompt("What is your favorite color");

// write "Hello" followed by person' name to browser window

document.write("Hello " + who);

// Change background color to their favorite color

document.bgColor = favcolor;




Does anyone know of a way to do this in the RCE or maybe a place they can type code that will generate an embed that they can use on the page?

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