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Play Hidden Games in Canvas

Did you know there are hidden games inside of Canvas?

Taking a quick break from teaching and learning in Canvas can be a nice stress relief and an opportunity for a little bit of harmless fun in your day.

Just make sure your “quick break” doesn’t consume your entire afternoon! 😉

Show Me the Games!

Open any Canvas course. In the web address bar at the top, type any random characters to the end of the URL and press Enter on your keyboard.

Enter random characters on the end of a Canvas course URLEnter random characters on the end of a Canvas course URL


You'll see a Page Not Found message on the page, which is to be expected because we just typed gibberish in the URL in the previous step.

Page Not FoundPage Not Found


Press the spacebar on your keyboard and you'll start one of several hidden games inside of Canvas.



To play, use the arrow keys and the spacebar on your keyboard.


Which game is your favorite?


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great post

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Yeah, our students found this, and teachers want me to turn it off.  LOL

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But is there any way to turn them off? 

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Yes, you can turn it off by go to account setting > Features > tick the check box "Remove hidden game from 404 page"

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I just found this post. Why would this be here??!! LOL I think it is hysterical. 

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Joining the other dissenters, but yeah, how can we disable these games for students that have problems staying on task?


Edit: Administrators, if you're requested to disable/block these for your district, chat with support and they can have the request submitted to disable the games for your district's Canvas instance.

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Community Coach

Thank you! I've been looking for other options besides solitaire for taking breaks! I wonder what the other games are besides the galaga-style vaccination game.

@GregoryBeyrer ...

There is only one other hidden game I am aware of, and it looks like this...

Screenshot 2022-03-31 193044.jpg

Basically, there are a bunch of gray squares that move quickly in a horizontal movement across the screen.  You control the larger blue square at the bottom of the screen with the keyboard arrow keys...trying to avoid the gray moving squares to try and touch the larger green square at the top of the box.  It's pretty hard.

Hi Chofer, 

Where did you find that one? I see the one on Page not found that appears as a spaceship battle type game. I would love to know where the other is. 

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@ShaneDeHorney ...

Sorry that I did not reply to you until now.  The game that appears for you is quite random.  There's really no rhyme or reason to which game will pop up first.  You'll just have to keep trying until you see the second game I've shown above.

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Community Coach

In case you all want to learn some technique for "beating" that game...

For those who don't know, Canvas has a hidden/secret/concealed game tucked away in its code. Simply find a 404 page and hit space bar. For example, this non-rickroll link will get you there: Hit space and you're on your way to videogamedon. In ...