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Preparing for Campus Closure due to Coronavirus: On-campus to Online

Hi all!  We are starting to prepare our entire campus here at FAU (Boca Raton, FL) for anything that might happen due to the Coronavirus, such as students needing to work off campus due to quarantine or if the campus needs to close.  The President recently sent out an email letting on-campus faculty know it would be "recommended" that they put their on-campus course online to prepare for this.  We are preparing to get flooded with faculty wanting to do this so our office is trying to get ready.  We have a checklist we're starting to set up, and a "getting started with Canvas" guide, as well as a few other items to go over with faculty who come in.  Does anyone have anything they'd recommend sharing or have you been through something similar and have suggestions?  Thanks for any help in advance! 

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Emily, not sure that you're aware of this resource that might be helpful.

The Continuity of Instruction Plan resource list has been moved to To facilitate the ease of adding resources use this Google Form to add your own institution's academic continuity plans.


Sky V.

This is very helpful!  Thank you for sharing. Smiley Happy

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would post a blog or document about this awesome collection in  Thanks

This is awesome!

Fantastic resources  @valentinesking ‌ Thanks!

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Instructure will regularly update this collection of contingency resources: Tools for Online Learning when the Classroom Closes