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Printing Canvas quiz

A teacher came by today and asked if there was a way to print a quiz. I had never done this before. I found two ways:

1.Click on Preview and print from there but it wouldn't look clean. In a pinch it would work.

1. Preview the quiz and Ctrl+P change your printer to Save as PDF and then print. The result is clean.

Any other ideas?

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In Chrome I selected Print before and after I selected Preview. Though I didn't print the quiz, the print preview Chrome provides was good enough for me.

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Community Coach

Hi  @kendra_jarvis ​...

You might want to check out the 28 minute 36 second mark of this video: to see what Instructure is working on for printing quizzes.  Also, there is a good discussion happening here: Canvas Studio: Modern Quizzing Engine

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Is the option for printing a quiz that was mentioned in the video available yet?

HI  @jcox1 ...

The new modern quiz engine has not been released to all Canvas users yet.  It is still in development.  Instructure hasn't given a date of when it will be available, but I've seen rumblings of early 2018.  You might be interested in also checking out this presentation by Deactivated user‌ from this past Summer's InstructureCon 2017 conference.  He gives an update on the new quiz engine that Instructure has been working on.   

If you need a beta tester I stand ready and am completely conversant with the beta testing paradigm and can provide consistent and reliable feedback. In other words I won't reply wit blather or "I think"


if you did not quickly receive a reply it was because I was diving or did not have a signal. Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

Hi  @sheldonj1 ‌

I really not entirely sure how getting selected for a beta test works, even though our school has participated in quite a few since we moved to Canvas more than five years ago. But here is how we have gotten the opportunities...

We keep our ears tuned to the grapevine, when we hear of an opportunity, I call my CSM. We used to call that sort of thing "Paying attention", but that is somewhat of a lost art these days. True, that most of our opportunities were discovered at InstCons, by hobnobbing with all those Instructure folks who will talk to anybody (even me), and jumping on them (the opportunity, not the Instructure folks), but we did get two earlier Quizzes LTI opportunities by "paying attention" in the Community.

What might be useful would be to follow the Product Development Priorities at , which is where we were alerted to the two opportunities for QuizzesNext.

Otherwise, I really don't think there is any formal process other than those determined by a particular product team. For example, we are currently beta testing the clower-to-completion Quizzes LTI, and Deactivated user‌ was specifically looking for smaller schools with a lower total volume of quiz use for this test. We learned of this opportunity through Canvas Studio, I emailed both Jason and our CSM, and eventually we were selected.

I hope this helps,


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In the Fall of 2019, there's no sign of many hopeful things from this video 😕 , e.g., printing quizzes.

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FYI, Printing is currently prioritized #9 in the prioritization exercise (scroll down to the bottom of the New Quizzes Group page)

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Oops...forgot to add that it's lumped together with "Print/Scan/Score" so maybe this is too much to ask in one development sprint. I'm not even sure what Scan/Score has to do with Printing

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Previewing the Quiz and printing from the browser doesn't look like it will work for Drop-down or matching questions. Should I quit looking for solutions, or should I quit?

 @tmathew , I've been looking at this as a possible option for printing quizzes in Canvas - Paperscorer (there's a free version for educators). I haven't tried it yet to see what types of questions work/don't work with it, but it might be worth checking out. In addition, the new quizzing tool in Canvas does have printing and is currently in Beta. The last I heard it will be released end of this year/early next year.

Will check it out, Kona, thanks!

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Yes, we need ability to print paper exam from Canvas as 1) backup and 2) special accommodations.

I just had this problem with a professor initiating online exam delivery, and the solution was terrible. I THOUGHT Respondus 4 would be the “bridge” back to paper copy of the exam. Printing paper backup copies from Canvas is problematic if the exam is more complicated than multiple choice questions plus essay questions (i.e., instructor is using available tools to make the exam interesting/varied/secure).
− Although Canvas can export an exam as a .QTI file, Respondus 4.0 does not properly interpret/parse the QTI file if the exam uses any of the features from Canvas that make authoring within Canvas attractive, e.g., question groups, “matching” question type, randomizing, etc.
− “Matching” question-type not Recognized as valid format
− Question groups are not recognized as groups
− Questions within question groups lose the point value assigned to them, thus default to 1 point.
− Printing direct from the Canvas exam preview webpage is possible for some question types; “matching” questions show up as “select one”, which is obviously useless in print media.
− Thus to print an exam from Canvas, preparing the exam for Word (via Respondus) may take a lot of work.

PS. Respondus IS a good bridge from Word to Canvas.

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For a simple multiple choice exam it does, indeed, work.  Ctrl+p in FF provided the normal print options.

However, for me it had to be published first and then there is a green preview box at the top.


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Here's a method that uses the free version of Respondus:

Steps that worked for me:

  1. Export a quiz in Canvas under Settings>Export Course Content
  2. Install Respondus LE and click Open
  3. Select "Files of Type: xml, qti" and Browse your computer for the exported quiz
  4. Once imported, you can edit, print or save as txt, rtf or Word

Hopefully Quizzes.Next will launch soon and we won't need a workaround!

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See my above response to @ @tmathew  , which includes:

Although Canvas can export an exam as a .QTI file, Respondus 4.0 does not properly interpret/parse the QTI file if the exam uses any of the features from Canvas that make authoring within Canvas attractive, e.g., question groups, “matching” question type, randomizing, etc.

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Well....... just thought I'd mention that the LE version is ...."old" ... designed in the MS(tm) WinXP(tm) era.

And that is OK!! MS(tm) is giving the gentle user "a taste" of what can be done with the whole application (paid for).

What was posted about what needs to be done to get a functional, printable, exam is correct but it will "take some fiddling" as it were.

This whole thread really should possibly spark a more general discussion about whether Canvas needs to "be all things to all people".

There is an old adage in the world of Linux that is something like this:  "one job one app" or "one need one app".

There is nothing wrong with that approach.

The only thing "wrong with it" is that..... "people" always "want more" make MONEY...the developers always have to "provide more".

And sometimes that leads to destruction because the weight of all the "top hamper" becomes unwieldy.

There are a LOT ....i mean..........a LOT of proprietary and non-proprietary "test generators" running around in the world of software ....

and a LOT of the FREE as in "free beer"  software really is first rate and some of it is....not so much....

The really GOOD software that does not have a "bunker mentality" and tries to FORCE people to use it and ONLY it... whether it be commercial or FOSS really is.......good........

AND.....if one thinks about it....

think of the lowly "pencil".... a pencil is a pencil is a pencil.......but we have BAJILLION of different shapes, colours, sizes, implementations, etc...

but a pencil is a pencil...

and the same for a "test generator".

The ONLY REAL have a "keep the buyer in MY STABLE" is because of a particular implementation of deploying the "test bank" which is provide by...guess who.......the book publishers.

I............PERSONALLY............have a "book" that..........was published in the late fifties.....

Oh my gaawwly.......fifties........WHY IS HE EVEN MENTIONING that piece of DECAYED, STOOPID., USELESS piece of drek!!??

One reason and only one reason.


"the parts of the cell are the parts of the cell" the high school level or the entering "terminal" biology class.  The nucleus is the nucleus and that is that for those students.

The "noun" is a person, place or thing........although maybe not nowadays....but anyway............

BASIC CLASSES have rather definable information.

So............ this BIG LONG POST DEVOLVES TO....

A).......JUST WHO............actually USES Canvas for more than grade keeping, posting syllabi, etc. ?

i) a person who uses a "provided test bank" as required by the department

ii) a person who "makes up tests to suit the class"

It does not really matter which ....

If one looks at in a cold and calculating manner.

A) the teacher has to "make a test".

B) the teacher has one of two choices

i) use a provided test bank

ii) make it up whole cloth or using a test bank to provide the basis of the test.

B) The teacher wants to NOT MAKE IT AGAIN....if other the test for next semester.

Does it matter whether the test is "made in Canvas" or "in a test generator" in terms of doing either of those with the caveat that a bureaucrat above the teacher says.......DO THIS OR FEEL MY WRATH!! ?

No. finish this off....

Would it be worth discussion to have a discussion about......hmmm that's kind of like Snoopy skating around on the ice covered pond! Smiley Happy

Would it be worth discussion to:

a) have EACH AND EVERY stakeholder here at Canvas NOW and IN THE FUTURE provide:

a) the name of their available test generating programs (  proprietary and non-proprietary) AND the "export" file type.

b) that "Canvas" provide a HARD LINK to the LISTING of the aforementioned test generators and the exports thereof.

c) and that the Canvas devs then concentrate on the programming to IMPORT the said exam file types in FLAWlessly....

d) or, given that proprietary software sometimes makes it IMPOSSIBLE to "export / import" "completely"....that the developers then CLEARLY STATE that........maybe...."you can make a multiple choice and a matching but you cannot include an image".

Dunno...........this is all just a suggestion.

Of little worth.

And, as always, if anyone wishes to comment on my REALLY, REALLY LOOOONNNNGGGG post, please so do. Smiley Happy

james sheldon

Community Contributor of consciousness!!

THE BOOK........ was made of NOTHING BUT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS about chemistry.

WITH EACH QUESTION............ having a "symbol" next to it applied to "this book" or "these books".

In other words..... one book to govern them all....oops....that's Lord of the Rings...sorry... lol...

Ummmmm the company was bought out by a book publisher and it.......disappeared.... lol

james sheldon

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Here is another option I stumbled upon, posted by  @chadscott : Print Canvas Quizzes UserScript

I had to install Tampermonkey (new to me) from the Chrome Web Store, click the link to the userscript, install, and then open and preview a quiz. Printed great! It avoids the "Save as PDF" problem where questions are cut by a page break.

 @chadscott  Thank You

I eschew the use of Chrome(tm) for a variety of reasons but THIS would justify it's use.


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Yes! This works great!!  :smileylaugh:

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I think the new Quizzes.Next will have printing capability.

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Although I've also read about the ability to print coming to Quizzes.Next, my district uses Quizzes.Next, and I can't find a printing option. There is always Ctrl+P, but you run into the same issue as with the original quiz tool, which is that some questions get awkwardly split by page breaks.

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Yes! I've read that too. Here's a blog post from InstCon '16 that summarizes some of the things (hopefully) coming to Quizzes.Next: 

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There is also this one from G Petruzella.  Here are my instructor instructions.

Printing an Exam

Adapted from Printable Quizzes code-snippet

This section documents a fully-deployable end-user solution for anybody to test, tweak, and use to produce a plain-vanilla HTML version of a Canvas Quiz, which is printer-friendly from a browser.  You can print as a PDF or copy the text and paste or paste without formatting into a document. This code can be deployed by any Canvas user on their own, but as a home-grown code, the author make no warranties. When Canvas implements printing, this can be retired.

Basically a printable version of the quiz is created as an HTML page.  I printed directly from that page as a PDF and it looks like this:
Knowing that you might want to adjust things, I also copied the page and pasted it into a google doc and did no further format fixing, which looked like this
I also pasted it into a google doc with the formatting wiped which looked like this:

How do I deploy and use the code?

  1. Copy the code below.
  2. In your browser, create a new bookmark. (In Safari, you'll have to create the bookmark from some random website, then go back and "Edit Address".)
  3. In the "Location" or "URL" field, paste the code, then save the bookmark.
  4. Navigate to the Quiz, and click the "Preview" button.
  5. Once you're previewing the Quiz, click your bookmark, and watch the magic happen.

The code.

javascript:(function printQuiz(){

var zed = document.querySelector("#submit_quiz_form").outerHTML;

var zed = document.querySelector(".quiz-header").outerHTML + zed;

var zed = zed.replace(/Links to an external site\./gim , "");

var zed = zed.replace(/aria-level=\"2\">/gim , "aria-level=\"2\"><br />");

var zed = zed.replace(/class=\"screenreader-only\"|class=\"form-actions\"|class=\"accessibility-warning screenreader-only\"|class=\"alert\"/gim , "hidden=\"hidden\"");

var dt = new Date(); var dd = dt.getDate(); var mm = dt.getMonth()+1; var yy = dt.getFullYear();

var myWindow =;

myWindow.document.write("<p>Printer-friendly Quiz generated: " + mm + "/" + dd + "/" + yy + "</p>" + zed);


Here's a 1-minute video demo.

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Hi Everyone, 

Printable Quiz Chrome Extension

I just finished working on a chrome extension that will create a printable version of your quiz. Here's the link: Canvas Quiz Printer - Chrome Web Store. To print all you have to do is open the quiz and click on the extension's logo. 

Let me know if you have any suggestions. 

This is absolutely brilliant! I don't suppose it works with New Quizzes yet?

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Sorry, not yet

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Well, beggars can't be choosers. Smiley Wink Stunning quality of work, though. Thanks for sharing!

I've been using this today and still works as a stupendous way to get a test to be taken on paper. Any way this could be modified to print out a quiz with the answer key in the future?

I like this concept, what about protecting from students from pulling the tests? Are there any safeguards in place? I'm concerned about academic integrity.

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The extension uses Canva's API and its the API's duty to take care of authentication. Students don't have the authorization to use the API to access quiz data so it won't work for students. 

I showed this to one of my Spanish instructors who teaches online. He uses the essay formatting for his exams because he likes to annotate and make corrections to what they have written. As the quizzes are currently structured, it's hard to provide quality feedback typing in the corrections. If you do consider developing the extension any further, would it be possible to add the necessary code to print off what the students have typed after they have taken the exam? Overall, my faculty do appreciate this extension.

At current time, this seems to only work off of the quiz preview function. Somehow it would have to work from SpeedGrader to print out the student's electronic submission for an instructor to give this type of feedback from an essay type question. It would seem the original intent is to transform an electronic exam to a paper-pencil exam so if the quiz is taken via paper-pencil, then feedback could just be left on the paper the student handed into the instructor.

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 Peter Flickinger, the Chrome extension did not work for me, and I'm jealous of y'all who got results!
I installed the Chrome extension on up-to-date versions of Chrome on Mac and PC. 

  1. open a published, not-expired exam, go to Preview mode
  2. click the "Print this Quiz" button in the URL/extensions bar
  3. nothing happens – no message, no screen change, no error.
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Ditto, and I tried it from the quiz page and the preview page.  Nothing visible actually happens.  I'd love to see a short video of what it is supposed to do.  I'm wondering if our administrative setting are blocking this.  Typically we have to generate an access token to allow something from outside canvas to get into our access through the API.

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 @kbink ...

If you go to the Google Chrome extension URL that  @peterfoxflick  provided above, he included three screen shots.  The first shows where the icon is located in the browser.  The other two are examples of what the quiz would look like after you click on the icon.

Also, are you using Legacy Quizzes or New Quizzes?   @gwied , same question to you, too.

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Using Legacy Quizzes.

Community Contributor

Legacy for me too.  Or Quizzes Now as we are starting to call them.

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