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Progress tracking ideas?

I am working on a new course design and trying to find the best way for our adult learners to be able to track their own progress. We currently have the course divided into modules by week (6-week course, so 6 modules). We do not necessarily need people to go through each week's content sequentially, so it would be helpful for them to easily be able to track what has been completed. The only option I am finding is to have them check the "Modules" area, but this is very overwhelming with all six weeks of content listed. 
Our current workaround is to post a document for learners to save or print and track their own progress as they go. Any other suggestions that may be better embedded within Canvas itself?
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Hey @ARitchie21 !  Have you considered using Badgr to award digital badges for keeping track of progress?  If not familiar with Badgr, digital badges are awarded for module completion.  You would have to have a minimum of one requirement per module that would need to be completed to show that the module requirement was met.  A badge could be created for each module and would automatically be awarded once the module requirements were met.

Students could click the Badges link in the Navigation menu to identify which badges have been awarded and which modules would still need to be completed if the badge had not been awarded for that module yet.


How do I add requirements to a module? 

I am guessing you might want people to keep track of what they are doing within the modules.  I do not know how many items you have per module, but if there are several items, it might be possible chunk the modules out into smaller modules.  For example, instead of having a Week 1 module, maybe have a Week 1 - Part 1Week 1 - Part 2, and Week 1 - Part 3 modules.

Just a thought.