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Has anyone had experience with integrating content from Cengage Mindtap or other publishers in the Canvas environment?  We are looking for a publisher to use for an entire degree program.  We want one with content that is customizable and works seamlessly with Canvas tools like Content, Assignments, and Grades.

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I helped one of our instructors integrate MindTap into his course. We tried 3 different ways of doing it. First, we did it how Cengage recommends which is to use the LTI which adds a link into the course for each assignment/reading/activity. It worked great but the drawback was that he had so many assignments, his course just scrolled forever. So, then we tried putting links to the assignments on one page. This also worked great until we realized the links would not work unless they stood on their own and were published. So, then we ended up with the pages of links as well as the links themselves in a separate module. So now, we are at option 3 - we created a tabbed overview for each unit which displays a list of all activities for the unit but instead of linking to each individual activity we just added a link to the Student Dashboard for MindTap. 

In summary, the LTI works fine but it is just cumbersome with all the links. For our purposes it was just easier to link to the course itself instead of each individual activity.

I will add that we tried several times to work with his rep from Cengage and they were less than helpful. If you have any questions feel free to msg. me.