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Real math assignments really real in canvas...really.

Hello, Canvas folks. Our little company is looking for people who would be willing to field test a new math product that we are working on. It extends the functionality of Canvas to that of a MyMathLab or WebAssign. It is 100% embedded within canvas via LTI, with no need for access cards or separate accounts for students or instructors. It's a completely modern homework management system with content that covers the range of high school/developmental math, with plans to expand that coverage. If you are looking for a math assessment system to compliment OER, looking to save students money on materials or are frustrated with the publisher based systems out there we would love for you to have a look and see if a free field test might be something you would be interested in. If you are indeed interested in any way, you can either follow and DM me here in the community or you can e-mail me @

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I was part of the group that piloted this product over the fall and my students really liked it (they wanted more quizzes like this compared to my regular ones in Canvas) and I also found it integrated seamlessly into my Camvas course and was pretty easy to use! 🙂

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Is this for algebra, or other basic math such as fractions and decimals? 

Also, can you provide more info on what the tool includes and what you are looking for? Are you wanting to pilot again for a second version? 

Hi, Donna. The tool includes access to around 7,000 algorithmic questions from basic math all the way through trig. You can create formative or summative assessments. Better yet, here's a little video that explains what it does.

We are looking for folks who will seriously use the system to deliver homework to their students in the spring semseter. Last semester was more beta testing and working our some of the kinks in integration and execution. This is what we are calling a field test.

Hi huettman

I shared this info with my Math faculty yesterday, and added the video link for them today.

Looks like a slick product, and I will accept the endorsement of  @kona ‌ any day!


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Is the tool 508 compliant?

We just went to their site and verified that it is.

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Thank you for the confirmation. Smiley Happy 

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Hi Jeff

our math faculty are keen to trial this product Smiley Happy We're a K-12 school in New Zealand. Best contact here is Mr Andrew Firmedow (


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We would love this!

Great to hear, Heather. Drop me a line with your contact info and we can talk about getting you set up for a field trial.

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I would definitely be interested. I teach high school math and have struggled to get exactly what I want out of canvas. Is there an option to add our own questions or must they all come from the question bank?

Great question, Juliana. Right now we are not having instructors author their own content. Our questions are algorithmic, with guided solutions, hints and "show me" built in. They accept certain levels of tolerance and formatting (think extraneous parenthetical for example) based on the question and they evaluate the math and don't just look for a match. It is possible, but it is definitely not easy. If you were to really like the tool we could discuss authoring problems for you.

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Does this include exponential and logarithmic functions? 

Absolutely. Over 7000 questions covering everything from basic math all the way through Trig.

Great, thanks! (Some curriculums put exponential and logarithmic functions after trig, so I wasn't sure.) 

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I would be interested in trying this.

Awesome, Becky. Drop me a line with your contact info and we can talk about getting you set up for a field trial.

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Is it TEKS aligned?

Unfortunately, not at this time. 

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I would be interested in this!

Great to hear, Lisa. Drop me a line with your contact info and we can talk about getting you set up for a field trial.

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I am going to teach a Statistics class coming up in the spring.  I have taught it many times and used publisher test banks.  They do not give much feedback.  Can this new system help?

Hi, Lisa. Full disclosure, we do not have a statistics course, per se. There have been folks who have pulled items from other banks to support a stats class. I will also say that every single one of our items have hints, guided solutions and show me functionality. Likewise students can see detailed results int he gradebook, including the question they got, the expected correct answer and their answer. Hope this helps.

I’m (no so) patiently waiting for a full stats course worth of questions, but I’ll say there were a number of beginning stats types questions (descriptive stuff) and some good probability questions as well if you wanted to test it. 

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Hi Jeff,

So you have said you can not author your own questions but you mentioned teachers pulling from other question banks.  So if we do this program and wanted to create something from another question bank to add to our assignments can we?

Hi, Marcy. The only real option we are looking at (at this time) would be to have us author those questions for you. Our bank of content extends from basic math through pre-calc and that's around 7000 questions. The banks we have are Basic College Math, College Algebra, High School algebra 1, High School algebra II, High school geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Trig and Pre-calc.

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I have spoke with my High School math teachers and a few of them would like to give this a try.  Would this apply to middle school math as well?  I'm the ITF for both schools.

Hi, Gina. Our content banks run from basic math all the way through Trig. I'll drop you an e-mail and we can talk about how we might get started.

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I'm very interested!  I sent you an email!  

Elizabeth Jacobsen

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I would like to take part in the field test. What do I need to do?

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I am using not sophia now. Once you create a due date can you change it?

I have some students who they said submitted an assignment but it is not showing a grade. The teacher in the room says they seen them do the assignment any ideas what the problem could be?

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Hey, Marcy.

You can change the due date on an assignment by using the Canavs tools for modifying the date and just confirming that change in Sophia. We can definitely help. Can you e-mail me at so I can get some details? 

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Hello, all. I just wanted to respond to this thread with some updates as to just how we’ve been doing with our little math assessment pilot inside of canvas. As of last week, for this semester, we’ve had 127 courses created by our piloters serving 1223 students. We’ve had tens of thousands of algorithmic assignments submitted and automatically graded. We’ve had everything from middle school math all the way through pre-calculus done in the system. From small, rural k-12s to giant, urban high schools, from sports academies to higher ed institutions, we’ve been humbled and thrilled to get to know so many great teachers. 
If you are reading this and were not in our our last round of pilot, maybe you might be interested in giving the tool a try yourself? Our goal is to bring a massively more affordable, high quality alternative the the homework management systems out there. This tool is 100% embedded in canvas. No code cards, no second accounts, no pairing and no synching. If you are looking for a good pairing with OER, are tired of high priced homework management systems or simply need some way to do do math in canvas, we think you might like what we’ve made. Here is a short video that describes the tool and what it does.
If you are new to us and are interested in giving the tool an audition, you can DM here in the community or contact me directly @
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I have been a paperless classroom in  1:1 environment for the past 7 years.  Over the past couple of years, the technology I had used to set up my programs no longer kept pace. This year I am replacing my LMS i am largely on my own but have managed to get it up and functional.  I am still struggling to find the curriculum component that matches my teaching style. I would love to hear more about you product and give it a try with my 8th grade Pre-Algebra students.

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I am the math department chair for my high school. I am interested in any information you might be able to send me.

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I would love to try this with my math class. is my school email.please send me more information

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