Rubrics used for assignment grade

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Good morning, Canvas Community.

So... when creating an assignment, an instructor can create (or assign) a rubric to that assignment.

The instructor can then use that rubric to assess the assignment submissions.

Cool. So far, so good.

But, a few faculty have learned the hard way, that Canvas, by default, does not capture that rubric-enabled assessment, and push those rubric-gathered points over to the "assessment grade" (which feeds back into the gradebook). There is a setting that controls that functionality. UNLESS the instructor knew about the setting, and placed a checkmark in the concerned checkbox back at the beginning, when building and assigning the rubric, then any points they assign in the rubric... will just sit in the rubric... going nowhere, not really doing much of anything.

The checkbox in question is "Use this rubric for assignment grading".

My question is: In what use-case... in what scenario... would an instructor go to the trouble of building and assigning a rubric... filling out points in the rubric while grading the submissions... and then NOT want and expect Canvas to use those points as the Assessment Grade for the respective submissions?

That escapes me and my team, and the various faculty with whom we have spoken.

When an instructor misses this little bit of instruction... and they go ahead and invest an hour grading assignments... they will close out of SpeedGrader, and then realize that none of their grades transferred over... and, now have to manually enter those grades into the "Assessment Grade" textbox.

Before submitting this as an "Idea"... to change the default setting to "On"... making it an "opt out" parameter... I would like to know if there is a rationale that I am missing.