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SCORM Assignments from Camtasia are restarting with just a page view?

I've got several videos that were produced in Camtasia 2018 that have a SCORM completion requirement to view 80% of the video. I've uploaded these videos to Canvas via the SCORM tool, and set them up as graded assignments. I've then added the assignment to the Modules page, and added a requirement to complete the SCORM assignment before you can access a Canvas quiz. I also added a filler page between the SCORM assignment and the quiz to help give Canvas a second to release the quiz based off successful assignment completion. So far so good! But here's where it gets odd...

If a student goes into the SCORM assignment and successfully completes it, they move on to the filler page then onto the quiz without issue. The quiz is released as expected. However, if they go back to the SCORM assignment page, issues arise. Even if they just *view* the page, it starts a new assignment attempt. They don't have to play the video at all. Of course, starting a new attempt gives them a 0 score, which then re-locks the quiz. So someone could complete the SCORM assignment, take the quiz, go back to view the assignment again, then be locked out of making another quiz attempt... even though they had a passing score originally.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this, or settings to look for in Camtasia? Is there something in the SCORM manifest I can change to avoid this? We're trying to do the good ol' "require students to watch a video before they can take the quiz" thing.

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Were you able to resolve this? I am having the same issue. I have a SCORM graded assignment, Complete/Incomplete. If a student goes back into the assignment after having completed it, Canvas resets it to Incomplete.