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Hi all,

One of the exams I am building has three parts to it.

Part A has two open essay type questions worth 10 marks each that are compulsory.

Parts B & C both have two essay type questions worth 10 marks each again, however the student only needs to answer one question from the two options in both B & C.

How do I set up the quiz with all six questions but not have 60 marks available and only have 40 marks available?

Hope this makes sense and any advice appreciated. 

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Good morning,

For Parts B anc C, you could build each of these parts as single 10-point essay questions and include both question options. Then students would select and answer one of the two questions provided for the part and indicate which option they chose in their response.

I have built tests this way to include a similar element of student choice (rather than students randomly being given one of the two questions as they would if this were set up as a question block), and it has worked well.


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