Setting up Essay Questions in Quiz to be a completion grade

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Hi there everyone - here is my scenario:

Faculty have large classes and their time is limited to provide specific feedback. While we will have some class discussions, faculty are also not wanted to have so much discussions to sift through because again, too many students and too much to read. Suggested solution is to have students complete prior knowledge checks at the beginning of each module and then reflect on what they learned at the end of each module. At least this way there are some activities and encouragement for students to engage and think through the material besides just readings and lectures.

I was hoping to use quizzes set to completion to do this. BUT is there a way to make a quiz with essay questions set to completion so that students get full points for just attempting/entering in text and submitting the quiz? I don't have admin rights so I can't enroll as a student and test this out - Thanks in advance for any help!