There's a few questions here...!! :)

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I have a few questions:

1.)  Has anyone integrated a google docs link created in Collaborations into a page, assignment or discussion in Canvas, and actually had success is using this strategy?  I did it in my sandbox and it did work in 'presentation view' in google docs... but I haven't deployed it into a course.  So would just appreciate hearing from folks, before I proceed.

2.) I am pretty sure that discussions, collaborations and teams in the people area are three distinctly separate features and neer the twain shall meet...    I think that the only intersection would be to add the google docs link I mentioned above into either a page, discussion or assignment.  But that to integrate team activity in Canvas, that has to be done either by using people/teams, or setting up the groups through the collaborations area.  I hope this question makes sense.

3.) Can anyone speak to the advantages of the grade book tray and what it can do that is different from what it does currently?

4.)  Does the functionality of requirements and pre-requisites only apply to modules?  I have read up on this and played in my sandbox, and I don't see that I could add a video link to either a page, or an assignment, and have it be required to watch it prior to taking a quiz through the requirements function in Canvas.  This is what the faculty has requested but I don't see it is possible...  there are multiple videos and quizzes so they'd need to be added within the module, not at the module level... 

Thank you in advance for your time in responding!

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