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Dear Instructional Designers and others interested in this area,

Career and educational planning is often referred to in English (UK) Higher Education as PDP – Personal Development Planning.  And institutions find different tools, practices and approaches to support students with this planning, thinking and strategizing. An out-of-the-box online tool I felt was not available on  (?) to students or intuitions was one that:

  1. provides a structure to support the planning process and conversation with assigned mentors/coaches
  2. providing a structure that facilitates a more organic visual (planning - Kanban board like) way of thinking and planning - where inline feedback can be given at different points in the process
  3. Makes use of SMART criteria to help the student think in an objective way (Note Action-steps replace Assignable/Achieveble)
  4. Allows the breakdown of each broad goal into many SMART plans (i.e. a system that supports many to many relationships)
  5. a lower cost tool (than say an ePortolio which may have to store and manage many digital assists for long periods)

To start exploring a tool that would provide these features I’ve built an online prototype anyone can currently Sign into, so feedback from this community would be very useful. Below is link to a survey and more information on the tool:

The tool: 
Quick overview of tool/backend post:  
How to use the tool:  
Step-by-step user guidance: 

Note, this prototype is not an LTI tool provider (yet), but it was to LTI tools that we initially looked to provide these kinds of features at my college.

Jago Brown