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Troublesome Knowledge Research Survey

Hello, Canvas!

My name is Chris I'm a Learning Designer at a Cal State campus as well as a PhD student in education at a UC campus. A colleague and I are working on a study on "troublesome knowledge" concepts in online learning and we're looking for Learning Designers to share their expertise with us. Troublesome Knowledge concepts are things that come up in teaching people how to teach online: our study is looking to gather a set of experiences that instructional designers such as yourselves have seen. We're specifically looking for responses from people who work as instructional designers in some capacity at a higher education institution. This survey isn't specific to using Canvas, but that is certainly very relevant to this and we hope you draw on your experience with using it at your institution.

If you're interested, please check out the link below for a description of the study, the informed consent form and the survey itself. No prior knowledge of troublesome knowledge required, and your responses are anonymous. Thanks in advance for your time, and let me know if you have any questions!

Troublesome Knowledge Survey



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