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Unable to log in to community forum on Firefox

I am unable to log in to this Canvas community forum on Firefox. When I click on Log In and enter my school name, it takes me to my course Dashboard for my school. It does not let me go back to this discussion forum. It is totally frustrating to be unable to log in to a company's customer support forum so I can get help with the company's software!

I ended up changing to Microsoft Edge (yuch!) so I can access this forum.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @harryhahne ...

Have you tried downloading and using Google Chrome as your web browser instead of using Edge?  Also, I'm not sure if this would apply in your situation, but in Firefox are you using any saved Bookmarks that might be pointing you in the wrong direction...not letting you sign in to the Community website?  One thing that you could try is to clear your browser's cache/history, close the browser completely, and then re-start the browser to see if anything has changed.

For example, after you have cleared your browser cache, log back in to your school's Canvas environment.  Then, either:

You also mentioned that you may need help with a question about Canvas.  Is there a specific question you have that we here in the Community can help you with?  The Community is a great resource where you'll find other Canvas users from around the world that might be able to help brainstorm solutions to questions you have.  We are here to help!

Hope to hear back from you soon!  Take well.

Community Participant

I cleared the cache and all cookies related to Canvas and canvaslms, but it made no difference.

The behavior is the same if I go from one of my courses in Canvas and click on the help icon, then Search the Canvas Guides. It does not recognize that I am logged in to Canvas. When I log in, then it takes me back to my Dashboard, rather than the help forums.

I have a number of reasons why I do not want to change the Chrome. At any rate, whenever I talk to Canvas support they always recommend Firefox to me if I am having unusual behavior.