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Use icon without Link

I would like to use an icon without including it in a link.

I would like to add the Instructure icon to one of my module titles.

Usually, if I can successfully add the icon to text in the module, I can copy and paste into the Module title.

I am having difficulty getting the icon in the text without it being linked to anything..... ideas?

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Hello Penny Christensen,

A few questions, what do you mean by "Instructure icon to one of my module titles"? Do you mean on the modules page itself? Or were you listing the module title on a page? And are you referring to the Canvas icon set or just general emojis?

So here are a few views:

Icon(emoji) in the Module Title on the Modules page and Icon (emoji) in the Page Title

Like Icon in module title

  • To get the emojis in the title of the page and module, I used emojipedia and their copy ability and then pasted it into the title.

Icon(emoji) in the Page Title, Like (Canvas icon) in the text on the page, and Like (Facebook-like) in text on the page.

Like icon in page title and like icon on the page text.

  • To use the Canvas icon without making it a link, use the i tag.Canvas icons will not show up in the mobile app.
    <i class="icon-like></i> Like this! 
  • And I used the code from Icons8 for their like icon. Icons and emojis do show up in the mobile app.

mobile view icon in module pagemobile view icon on the page.

Hope this helps,
Cheers - Shar