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Useful links (Links úteis)

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Hi guys!

Our higher education institution has been working with Canvas for just over a year. During this time, this community was very helpful in our doubts and so we would like to share our curated community links.
Thanks to all of you who share your discoveries and experiences with Canvas, all have been very valid.

Oi pessoal!

Nossa instituição de ensino superior trabalha com o Canvas há pouco mais de um ano. Durante esse período, essa comunidade foi muito útil em nossas dúvidas e, por isso, gostaríamos de compartilhar nossa curadoria de  links da comunidade.
Obrigado a todos vocês que compartilham suas descobertas e experiências com o Canvas, todos foram muito válidos.





Analytics in Course Design: Leveraging Canvas Data:



Domain paths (Caminhos de domínio):


MC_Canvas_Instructor_Orientation:  (part.3)



Gamification (Gamificação):

Badges for Learning:


Gamify Your Canvas Course with Badgr Open Badges:


Experience Points for Canvas:


Canvas Network Training Course: (módulo 6)

Canvas for Online Learning: (módulo 10)




Canvas for Online Learning: (módulo 9)


Canvas Course Design:


Keep Your Canvas Clean:


Canvas Instructor Training:


Design Tools User Guide:


Canvas HTML Editor:


Canvas Gallery:


Canvas Tutorials:


Org: Canvas 101:


Peter Wiarda Sandbox:


Design Ideas: 

                      Canvas + _______ = Engaging Experiences: 

                      Canvas Extended: 

                      Pauleds / resources: 

                     3 Col: 



                    Teaching Resources Hub: Teaching Resources Hub 


Courses that inspired us (Cursos que nos inspiraram):


Overview of various courses (Visão geral de vários cursos):

Technical Mathematics for Industry:

Design Thinking for K-12 Educators:


Canvas Template Basic – Emory:


Canvas Tour for Students:


Chemistry I: Elements and Compounds and their properties:


Teaching Flipped:


Open Mic Songwriting:


Supporting Girls in STEAM:


Biometric Technologies: Identification for the Future (September 2015):


Empowering Yourself as a Digital Citizen:


Intro to Geology:

Canvas Teacher Community:


Online Education Center Orientation:





Outcomes (Resultados):


Canvas Instructor Tutorials:


Learning Outcomes & Rubrics:






Gamification (Gamificação):

Completing the quest by unlocking content:



Dynamic page flow with course menu navigation:


Minimalistic template design:

Templates: Responsive Design for the Mobile Web:


Home Sweet Homepages without Tables:


Share UDL Course Design Tips, Tricks, and Techniques:


Developing Course Pages Using Bootstrap:


Flexbox Grid tips and guides:


Video Carousel: code-snippet:


Element Toggler:


Basic Clickable Image Map: code-snippet:


Using jQuery without Custom Javascript:


Canvas Scrolling Side Menu:


Columns Without Tables: code-snippet:


Easy Slideshow or Gallery in HTML:


Improve Threaded Discussions with CSS:


                      Lightbox Effect: 

                     Teacher Appreciation 2018 | Home Page Templates: 


Learning Mastery (Domínios de aprendizagem):


How is your school using Learning Mastery?:



Course Progress (Progresso no curso):

Help Students Monitor their Course Progress:



UDL (Universal Design for Learning)

Implementing Universal Design for Learning on Canvas:


Teaching Effectively in Canvas (Please share ideas & advice!) :



  •     PAGES (PÁGINAS):



Style Guide:


Thinking in Canvas: Using pages to make your unit come alive:


Tips for Designing for Mobile Devices:


Progress bar in Instructure Canvas:

ARCHIVED: Adding enhanced interface components in Canvas content: Adding enhanced interface components in Canvas content 


UDL (Universal Design for Learning)

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