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Using screencast videos to give feedback

One of the greatest features of Canvas is the ability to use media to give feedback, which has the potential to speed up the grading process, improve faculty-student relationships, and encourage students to act upon feedback.  Screencast videos can be especially helpful.  It brings a "show-and-tell" element to grading and feedback that is easy to implement and effective for students to learn.

I am wondering if anyone in your institution is using screencast videos (produced with such apps as Explain Everything, Jing, Screencast-o-matic, Camtasia, etc) regularly to give feedback to student assignments. If you do, I'd love to form a group about this topic.  If anyone wants to learn how to do it, let me know as well (bxf13b@acu.edu).  Thanks.

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Greetings, I do this and often encourage my faculty to do it as well. We use Arc - Arc | A Better Video Platform for Better Online Learning - which integrates directly into Canvas (it’s an extra Canvas Product) and allows us to do some really amazing things with video. 


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Hi Kona,

In the Canvas Unconference which you hosted this year, I shared the method with a few and generated some interest in this area.  I was asked to start a thread here.

We do not have ARC yet, so we use things like Screencast-o-matic or Camtasia for producing the videos, which then we could update to media comments.  We have some faculty members doing this for some time now and they, as well as their students, love it.

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