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VERY Introductory Training for Faculty

Last week our district announced the adoption of  Canvas as our new LMS.  I am offering a series of quick 1 hour training for faculty the week before we break for summer.   As we know Canvas has wonderful resources available to faculty and I want to highlight those but I also know the biggest barrier for faculty to overcome will be the import process.   My question for this group of fabulous people what would you recommend covering 1 hour of introductory training.  Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

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What LMS are you moving from?

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Welcome Amanda,

This link in the community may be a good place to start: Canvas Training Courses and then do a search in the community for faculty training and you will find lots of information from  @kmeeusen ​ link that he shared Resource for Transitioning to Canvas and Training Faculty to  @biray ​ 5 Ways to Tackle Faculty Training

Welcome again Amanda!

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"...the biggest barrier for faculty to overcome will be the import process..."  Their "fear" of the process, and possible "failure"?  To allay their fears, you might actually export a Blackboard course and then import it into a Canvas site.  That would give them an idea of how their Bb content would be pulled into Canvas.  It would also give them some idea of what won't come over between Bb & Canvas.  Then it is just a case of guiding them in how they will display their content in Canvas.

*Have you decided whether instructors will be responsible for exporting their content from Blackboard and Importing into Canvas, or whether a Bb Admin will batch Archive/Export all Blackboard courses, and a Canvas Admin will batch import the Bb Archives into their appropriate Canvas sites... or if the district has in their Canvas contract for an Instructure tech to import content for you, for a certain number of courses?

One advantage of importing a Blackboard course export/archive (zipped) file into a Canvas course is that a copy of the zipped Bb archvie remains as part of the Canvas course, while the content is distributed in the site.  Sort of like storage for your old Bb archvies.

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Hi Amanda,

My high school also transitioned from Blackboard to Canvas this past year. Some balked, some stumbled into it, and others took the deep dive (successfully!).

With hindsight, my recommendation would be to offer a self-paced online course in Canvas for Instructors and another for students. I found and customized one for that can be completed as a student in just a few hours.  (I made the mistake earlier this year of creating my own from scratch, but you can import and customize others' excellent courses. Dale's Canvas Training for Instructors link (above) is the place to look.)

Another mistake I made was trying to bring along curmudgeons: a poor investment of my time and energy. Next year I'll focus on the enthusiasts and hope that good work ripples outward amongst our 100+ teachers. Thinking to start a faculty Canvas Users' Group to share ideas and practices. If anyone has thoughts or suggestions on that, please chime in. Lunch meetings? A Canvas course or group to work within?

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Definitely cover assignments, assignment groups, and the gradebook.. Our students are asking instructors who do not use Canvas to start using it because they want to see their grades. It has been a while since we transitioned, but at the time, having to create an assignment to get a column on the gradebook was very new to our instructors.

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Welcome to the Canvas community!

I'm new here as well, but will throw in my two cents.

I'd recommend beginning with (1) why Canvas matters and (2) how online learning fits into teaching. The "Why" and "How" provide critical context for all of the technical "What" stuff.

This is the "why" and "how" for our organization:


Two "how" videos I've found particularly useful are:

What a good looking resource,  @rrichards ​--thanks for sharing! Would you be willing to include this in a new document in the Canvas Engagement Strategies​ group? (And if you're not already a member of that group, it only takes a few clicks to join.)