Videos for This Week in Canvas

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Community Coach
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When my college started using Canvas a couple of semesters ago, I used the opportunity to change how I communicate with fellow faculty about upcoming training, tips and tricks, and other news related to our LMS. I started a weekly email, "This Week in Canvas," as there was always at least workshops to publicize. This also fits in with dealing with frequently updating software that is hosted by the vendor, two things about Canvas that we had not dealt with before. The weekly emails include reminders about where faculty can get help, next week's training, and a tip of the week.

This semester I am working with my department mate  @bittnem ‌ to make a video for each week. Mike makes awesome videos, and therefore the response has been positive. We have a YouTube channel for our department and this week decided to make our playlist public:

Of course the tips of the week are the same from semester to semester, so we plan to decrease the frequency of videos we make. We will do sixteen for this semester, a few more next semester, and then isolated ones after that. Each video takes time to plan, shoot, edit, and caption. So I hope that all our references and suggestions are timeless.