Webinar with TAMU: How to Develop Lifelong Skills in Canvas with Active Learning Design

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Hi everyone,

I hope the new semester is going well for you so far!

If you’re looking for practical, evidence-based strategies to maintain student engagement and nurture a growth mindset, I’d like to invite you to our next webinar, “Developing Lifelong Skills with Active Learning Design”, on October 18th at 10 AM EDT.

Together with Patty Luna, Director of Academic Technology at TAMU School of Public Health, we’ll share best practices and iterative activities to boost interactivity and collaboration across modalities for key competency development.

You can learn about: 

  • Best practices and success stories from TAMU for implementing active learning design in Canvas
  • How to leverage collaborative and social learning to foster key lifelong competencies
  • How to create authentic tasks with pedagogical approaches such as team-based learning, social annotation, group performance feedback, and more
  • Examples of using AI to save time on personalized feedback

All registrants will also get early access to our newest ebook on promoting active learning across different modalities.

You can learn more about the webinar and register for free here.

Monika Dybalska


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