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What analytics do you use as instructional designers?

We do engagement analytics for Canvas and as such, I would love to hear more of what's important from your point of view, to understand your content more? I thought I would ask in here as you create courses, but would obviously be interested in the efficacy of that content. How do you currently measure that?

Just opening the discussion up, it's clearly a topic I'm passionate about.


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 @ross2 ‌, I'm sorry to see that you haven't garnered any responses to this thoughtful prompt yet, and I'm hopeful that my comment will "bump" its visibility and reach a bit! In keeping with that, I hope that anyone interested in fostering student engagement will RSVP to the presentation Inspire Greatness with Canvas Feedback Loops, which is coming up this Tuesday, February 7, 2017. RSVP “yes” if you will be there--and if you’re interested, but your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend in real time, RSVP "no" or "maybe" to receive all event updates. Your RSVP ensures that you will receive a notification should the event be cancelled or changed.

Thanks for the post Stephanie and indeed the bump. Obviously with my line of work, boosting student engagement is something that we really look at, and a lot of this still comes down to design of courses. 

I think the difficulty, as I'm sure Kona would feel, is knowing that your students have done what they are set to. 

We're hoping in our future we can really tie into events more, with help from the likes of caliper, to tell you a lot more about exactly what the student is doing and how they're reacting. That way, at least there is a direct feedback loop with regards to quality of content, without assessment. 

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At first I was considering quiz scores a measure of effectiveness for my Instructional/lecture video, but then (thanks to analytics) I realized a lot of my students aren't watching my video and/or are only watching Sunday night right before the quiz is due - so no time to really think about it before needing to apply it. I've started making it a requirement that the students at least click on the video and this has helped. I've also started adding links to the video on the quiz directions, and I'm hoping this helps as well. 

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I have nothing to offer, but I'm very curious about this...  In other words, I'm coming to learn!

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