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What broad technology categories do you identify?

Hello! For the next month or so I am going to try to apply a daily theme for projects I work on or the instructional technologies and Canvas integrations I explore. Wednesdays are going to be ‘Web Conferencing Wednesdays’ but I’m curious about the broad categories of instructional technology that others here recognize or use. Things like assistive technology, collaboration technology, organization/brainstorming tools. I figure a daily theme will make it significantly easier to keep on top of new and existing tools, integrations, software and publisher content.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and insight!

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The first category I can think of would be video/screencasting. Other thoughts:

  • E-publishing
  • Cloud storage
  • E-portfolio
  • Digital storytelling and presentation
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Presentation (Prezi, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Polling

Thanks! I like the list. E-portfolios and digital storytelling are things that have come up as technology needs in the past.

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Sounds fun, would love to see your final list if you can share?  (I would 2nd all the above - Assessment, presentation, polling, digital storytelling).  

Here's a few more niche tool categories.

You mentioned brainstorming/organizing, you can break this one down depending on what you are thinking here:

  • Brainstorming - (or social voting as well) - Tricider, Dotstorming, Padlet
  • MindMapping - Mindmeister type tools
  • Text replacement tools (can't think of the right name for these) - Shortkeys/aText, even using Mac/Windows
  • Image editing or creation tools - Pixlr, Canva, etc. 
  • Image finding tools/sites