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What is Best Setup for Assignments with Peer Reviews?

Scenario: Students submit a paper through assignments with Turnitin enabled for immediate feedback. Assignment contains rubric by which faculty will grade student's submission. Assignment is set for Canvas to assign peer reviewers. Faculty has specific questions she wants reviewers to address and really doesn't care whether they follow the rubric or not (although Canvas requires reviewers to follow rubric to complete the review). Student is to use results of Turnitin feedback and peer review feedback then submit paper for final grade by instructor. Faculty wants to assign peer reviewers a score for completing review.

Issues: Canvas won't assign reviewers until assignment due date has arrived. Reviewers must use rubric to review by. The comments field is fairly small, making it difficult for reviewers to easily address questions the faculty wants addressed. Peer review comments to author are not to be made public to class at large. Canvas won't allow two dates to be assigned to the same assignment.

My possibilities: Set the assignment as normal, worth 0 points, (let's say) a due date of Monday at 11:59pm. Student submits, gets Turnitin feedback, peer reviewers get assigned. Peer reviewer uses attached rubric to score and also messages author & faculty with instructor-assigned questions. Faculty creates peer review assignment (let's say) worth 10 points and based on the message comments manually scores review in gradebook. Faculty creates second assignment for paper submission worth 100 pts where student should submit final paper after editing based on Turnitin feedback, peer reviewer rubric evaluation and reviewer question responses in message. Faculty grades paper using SpeedGrader.

Question: Where are my gaps or inefficiencies? Other possibilities (I've toyed with the idea of 2 submissions allowed, but get hung up on the due date and reviewers being assigned)?

Thanks so much -- looking forward to your brilliant ideas and robust discussion!!!!


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